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Harvest Bible College

At Harvest Bible College, we believe in following the call. Ours has always been to train effective ministry worldwide for local churches. From humble beginnings, we have built an educational program to equip and empower our students to live out God’s call to ministry in their lives.

We’re experts in excellent theological and ministry education, training students from 44 countries and 200 churches online and onsite in Australia, Denmark and the UK.

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The latest from Harvest

En Gedi 1

Rule #52 – Don’t Confuse an Oasis with 5 Star Hotel

23 June 2016

En Gedi is a beautiful desert oasis located in the wilderness region of Israel. Its beautiful, cool, fresh, clear waters flow from the cliff tops into the Dead Sea. In the middle of summer the wilderness region around the Dead Sea rises to over 45 degrees every day. En Gedi is an oasis the midst…

Sprint or Marathon - feature

Sprint or Marathon?

15 June 2016

What’s your picture of ministry? What does it mean for you to give your “all” for God? For many, it looks like working as hard as you can. It means putting in the extra hours. Giving that bit more. Sure, you might say, that’s what Christian service and sacrifice is about. It means putting others…

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